Meant to Move


The APTA Centennial Center doesn't just evoke movement. It inspires it, both inside and out — and not just for tenants and visitors, but for the broader community.

From its earliest planning stages, the Centennial Center was envisioned as an embodiment of commitment to the idea that movement can transform society. The result, at 3030 Potomac Avenue in National Landing, fully embraces that vision.

The open interior of the seven-story structure features a wide staircase that invites tenants and visitors to leave the elevators behind. Inside, each level of Centennial Center is anchored by a large open shared space with plentiful natural light, and accompanied by a variety of large and smaller-scale meeting areas that provide easy opportunities for tenants to get up from their desks and move about.

The exterior includes a generous amount of public space — including free water stations — that encourages the community to explore, rest, and refuel. APTA Centennial Center is meant to be a place that reflects a dedication to improving health and wellbeing.

Other features of the building include a ground-level multipurpose space that can be used for professional or community-focused activities such as clinical demonstrations and free health screenings. The top floor of the Centennial Center is dedicated to a conference center that includes a large open-air terrace with views of the Potomac River and Washington, D.C. And its National Landing location provides easy access to walking and biking paths.

The focus on creating a healthy, energizing, and supportive work environment has earned the Centennial Center a three-star FitWel rating — the highest possible — that acknowledges the building as a workspace that supports human health. And we provide that healthy space in an environmentally conscious way — the APTA Centennial Center is also positioned to be awarded a LEED silver designation.

We're all meant to move. The APTA Centennial Center is meant for movement.